How to contact CSG with IT issues ?


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Contacting CSG Guide

Here we have attached a printable PDF Guide on How to contact CSG regarding any IT issues, and lodging a Job Ticket Request.
This will also act as a guide to assist with determining the severity level of your issues.


Pre-purchasing Blocks of Hours ?


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PrePurchasing Hours


Buying hours in 10, 20, or 50 hour blocks provides you with the following benefits:

◊  4 Hour response time to critical issues
◊  More competitive rates arrangements
◊  No support call out charges
◊  Detailed engineer’s reports at the close of each call

Blocks of hours may be utilised for any of the services provided by Computer Service Group including Network Installation and Maintenance, Web Design and Implementation, Network Security Audits, Application Development and Application Training.



Do you have an effective Backup Service?


What is your potential risk and impact of a hotter, drier and stormier climate to your business?

Would your business know how to respond if it were threatened by an extreme weather event, such as the bushfires in Victoria in February 2009 or the flooding in Queensland in January 2011?

Even if your business is not directly threatened by an extreme weather event, would you understand the impact on your suppliers, customers, employees, services, resources and markets

On which your business critically depends?

Things you should consider

□   Are your Backup disks routinely stored off site in a secure location? Or are backed up to a cloud storage service?

□   Do you have backups of your critical data away from the office?

□  Is your offsite backup’s automatic?

□  Can your system be fully operational within minutes of a disaster?

If no, contact us and we can discuss options to have you sleep well at night knowing your business data is safe.