Network Security

Why is Network Security Important?

Wherever there is a network, wired or wireless; there are threats. Some people are easily put off setting up a home or office network with the fear that any thing stored in their hard drive could be accessed by neighbours or hackers. The types of potential threats to network security are always evolving, and constant computer network system monitoring and security should be an ultimate priority for any network administrator.

green-metallic-orb-icon-business-wallIf the security of the network is compromised, there could be serious consequences, such as loss of privacy, and theft of information.

When it comes to network security, the main concern is making sure that any wireless connections are protected against unauthorized access.

Most business transactions are done over the Internet, In addition, the rise of mobile commerce and wireless networks demands that security solutions become flawlessly integrated, more transparent, and more flexible.

Network attack tools and methods have evolved. Back in the days when a hacker had to have sophisticated computer, programming, and networking knowledge to make use of rudimentary tools and basic attacks.