Network Security

Is Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Businesses are becoming more of a target for malicious attacked and cyber criminals.

Network security has become a crucial element of running your business. With the introduction of manditory data breach notification laws & legal/legislation requirements, businesses need to promote to their clients that cyber security best practices are in place in their environemnt and the data clients provide them is safe.

Computer Serivces Group provides a comprehensive network security & cyber security service. The team will reveiw your current environment and get to know your business. Assessement is conducted by the team against any required legistlations, regulations or cyber security standards required for your industry or business size. Current security risks are identified and assessed on severity and likelyhood.

For peace of mind, our team provide you the findings, risks identified and a tailored strategy to boost your security to meet your demands. Our team will provide solutions on products to detect, notify and mitigate security risks along with industry best practice security policies and procedures. We also provide security awareness training for your team to ensure they can identify & mitigate non-cyber social engineering attacks.

So don’t wait until an issue occurs, be proactive and get secure. Contact us now and let’s get your business secure.