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Unfortunately, disaster can occur in your business at anytime, any moment. However, what YOU CAN DO is prepare with the help of CSG. Research shows that without preparation and data protection, over 50% of businesses will not survive a major disaster.


That is why it is crucial to assess your IT infrastructure and understand what measures you can take to decrease the damage caused by a disaster and recover operations quickly.... (Also called Disaster Recovery). Let us help you survive!



What is Disaster recovery? 

IT Disaster Recovery is the practice of anticipating, planning for, surviving, and recovering from a disaster that may affect a business.


Some disaster examples are: 

1. Natural events
2. Equipment or infrastructure failures (such as a power outage or hard disk failure)
3. Human accidents  (for example erasure of data or loss of equipment)
4. Cyber attacks (hackers)


CSG has an effective Disaster Recovery Plan that can cater to all types of business. 

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How can CSG's Disaster Recovery Plan help me? 

We include 4 essential features to ensure your business continuity !


We get to know your threats


We get to know your Assets

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We Replicate your data

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We Test Back-ups & restoration of services

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