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Office 365

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What is Office 365?

You have probably heard of SharePoint and also used the Office suite such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. However, you keep hearing about Office 365 and how it is helping organisations be more productive and enable users to do more than ever before effectively.


So, what is Office 365?... 

“Office 365 is a subscription service that ensures you always have the most up-to-date tools from Microsoft. There are Office 365 plans for home and personal use, as well as for small and medium sized businesses, large enterprises, schools, and non-profits.”


How can it help me? 

Microsoft® Office 365 is a communication platform that combines Microsoft’s trusted business software with web-enabled tools to help you look professional, work from almost anywhere and help you to collaborate better.

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Security & Reliability 


Exchange Online helps protect your information with advanced capabilities. Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering protect mailboxes. Globally redundant servers, premier disaster recovery capabilities, and a team of security experts monitoring Exchange Online around the clock safeguards your data. With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and a financially-backed service level agreement, you can count on your email always being up and running.

Stay in Control


Maintain control over your environment while gaining the advantage of hosting your email on Microsoft servers. Manage your organisation efficiently with the Exchange admin centre, an easy-to-use, web-based interface. With mobile device policies, you can create approved mobile device lists, enforce PIN lock, and remove confidential company data from lost phones. IT-level phone support is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy to use and maintain

It’s easier than ever to provide your staff with the business email they need to stay productive. Automatic patching eliminates the time and effort of maintaining your system. And provide them with anywhere access to email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers and across devices. Integration with Outlook means they’ll enjoy a rich, familiar email experience with offline access.

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